Newpark Gardens Residents Association celebrates after receiving Grant from the RJS Foundation for community project

A local community group is celebrating after being awarded a grant by the RJS Foundation to enhance the residents’ surrounding gardens.

Newpark Gardens Residents Association

Newpark Gardens Residents Association is celebrating after being awarded £200 for their community environment project.

Newpark Gardens Residents Association are based in Trentham and will use the grant to purchase plants, bushes, compost seeds and bulbs to enhance their local environment.

Ron Fox, chairman of the association, said: “New Park Gardens Residents Association has been going for five years and was set up to be a focus to improve the life of the residents and the environment. The residents are 60-93 years of age and find great joy in the environment of the gardens, but they have sadly been neglected over the last few years and needs some TLC. We have meetings to discuss issues relevant to the age group and during COVID worked together for shopping and hospital appointments. To keep everyone fit and healthy the last project was to plant 1600 daffodil bulbs which gave us the confidence to be more proactive. During a lot of discussion we have decided to target encouraging butterflies and bats to the gardens by planting attracting plants. Before we start it will be important to gain a balance with the existing flora and fauna. And not forgetting the existing residences of squirrels , ravens and 30 ducks etc. We are concerned for the future with the mighty trees that are coming to their end of life and will be planting similar trees for the future.”

Newpark Gardens

Before Covid, Newpark Gardens Residents Association would hold coffee mornings, meetings to discuss matters arising within the community, outings, raffles, quizzes and Christmas meals.

Shirley Holford, treasurer of the association said: “Newpark Residents Association was started about five years ago to help all the residents take an interest in our surroundings and to make an improvement to the area and help those in need of compananship. I am the treasurer of the association and over the years we have held meetings once a month at our local Methodist Church and held raffles to raise funds to use on outings, meals and Insurance for our activities, later on we enjoyed coffee evenings in one of our residents homes. We hope to plant trees,bushes and flowers to attract wildlife and give our residents a pleasant outlook and keep us busy looking after them. Thank you for your support and interest in our Association. ”